Centering Text in ttk.Button

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to center text within a ttk.Button widget in Tkinter. By customizing style properties and configurations, you can ensure that your button labels are perfectly aligned. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to enhance the visual appeal of your GUI applications created using Python.

Introduction to Problem and Solution

When developing GUI applications with Python using Tkinter’s themed widgets (ttk), it is common to encounter alignment issues where the text inside a ttk.Button appears off-center. This can detract from the professional look and feel of your application. The problem often stems from default padding or theme settings affecting the appearance of the widget.

To address this issue effectively, we will explore techniques that involve adjusting specific style properties unique to ttk.Button. By fine-tuning these properties such as padding and alignment settings, we can achieve precise text centering within our buttons. Not only does this solution resolve immediate alignment problems, but it also introduces you to advanced styling concepts in Tkinter, empowering you with greater control over the visual aesthetics of your applications.


import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import ttk

# Create an instance of Tk
root = tk.Tk()
root.title("Centered Button Text Example")

# Configure style for the button
style = ttk.Style()
style.configure("TButton", padding=0, relief="flat", background="#FFF")

# Create and pack the button widget with centered text
button = ttk.Button(root, text="Click Me!", style="TButton")

# Run the application

# Copyright PHD


In this solution: – We import necessary modules: tkinter for GUI creation and ttk for themed widgets. – A root window is created using tk.Tk() as our main application window. – We define a custom style specifically for our TButton, adjusting properties like padding, relief, and background color. – A button widget is instantiated with our custom style applied. – Running the application’s main loop displays a window featuring our styled button with centered text.

This code snippet illustrates how tweaking specific style parameters can resolve text alignment issues within ttk buttons effectively.

  1. How do I change the font size and family of my button’s text?

  2. To adjust both font family (to Helvetica) and size (to 12):

  3. style.configure("TButton", font=('Helvetica', 12))
  4. # Copyright PHD
  5. Can I apply these styling options globally across all instances of TButtons?

  6. Yes! Configuring a style without specifying a particular widget instance applies changes globally.

  7. Is it possible to customize other widgets in similar ways?

  8. Absolutely. Each widget type supports its own set of customizable options through styles.

  9. Can I revert back to default styling after applying custom styles?

  10. To reset changes made via styles programmatically:

  11. style.theme_use('default')
  12. # Copyright PHD
  13. How do I adjust horizontal padding without affecting vertical padding?

  14. Specify padding as (horizontal_pad_value, vertical_pad_value):

  15. style.configure("TButton", padding=(10,2))
  16. # Copyright PHD
  17. Allows independent control over horizontal & vertical paddings.


Understanding styled properties within Tkinter’s themed toolkit (ttk) grants you finer control over your application�s visual presentation. Tasks like centering button texts become seamless processes rather than daunting challenges � enriching both your UI design workflow and user experience.

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