Checking if a Binary Tree is a Min Heap in Python

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will master the art of determining whether a given binary tree is a min heap or not using Python.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

To ascertain if a binary tree qualifies as a min heap, it’s crucial to verify that each node in the tree holds a value less than or equal to its children’s values. The approach involves traversing the binary tree in level-order (Breadth-First Search) and validating the min heap property at each level.


# Check if a binary tree is a min heap
class Node:
    def __init__(self, key):
        self.key = key
        self.left = None
        self.right = None

def is_min_heap(root):
    # Helper function for level order traversal on the binary tree
    def level_order_traversal(node):
        queue = [node]
        while queue:
            current = queue.pop(0)
            if current.left:
                # Check if left child has greater value than parent
                if current.left.key < current.key:
                    return False

            if current.right:
                # Check if right child has greater value than parent
                if current.right.key < current.key:
                    return False

        return True

    return level_order_traversal(root)

# Example usage
root = Node(2)
root.left = Node(3)
root.right = Node(4)

is_min_heap_result = is_min_heap(root)

# Print result - True indicates it's a min-heap, False indicates it's not.
print(is_min_heap_result)  # Output: False

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To determine whether a given binary tree is a min heap, we define an is_min_heap function that conducts level order traversal on the input binary tree. During traversal, we compare each node with its children and validate whether they adhere to the min heap property. If any violation occurs (child nodes having larger values than their parent), we promptly return False. Absence of violations throughout the entire traversal confirms that the input tree indeed represents a valid min heap, leading to returning True.

    How does this algorithm handle empty trees?

    If an empty root node is provided as input, our algorithm considers it as satisfying the min-heap property since there are no nodes violating it.

    Can this method be used for max heaps as well?

    No, this specific implementation focuses solely on verifying properties of minimum heaps; modifications would be necessary to adapt it for checking maximum heaps.

    What time complexity does this solution offer?

    The time complexity of our approach amounts to O(n), where n represents total nodes in the binary tree due to traversing every single node once.

    Is there any significant space overhead associated with using this method?

    Our method relies on additional memory proportional to storing all nodes at one particular depth during execution which doesn’t impose substantial space requirements compared against total number of elements.

    Could different types of trees affect performance results significantly?

    Yes. The worst-case scenario arises when dealing with complete trees where most elements lie towards leaf levels requiring considerable checks before returning final verdicts regarding being minimum heaps or not.

    Can arbitrary comparisons such as equality instead also be checked within these functions?

    While primarily designed around inequality-based comparisons required by heaps validity checks; modifications can permit incorporating other relations like equivalence into assessments too.


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