Configuring Visual Studio Code settings in Mac OS Sonoma

What will you learn?

Learn how to customize and configure settings in Visual Studio Code specifically on Mac OS Sonoma for an enhanced development experience.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

Customizing Visual Studio Code settings can significantly improve your workflow, but it may be daunting for beginners to locate and modify these settings. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide a detailed step-by-step solution on accessing and adjusting Visual Studio Code settings within the Mac OS Sonoma environment.


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# Accessing User Settings in Visual Studio Code on Mac OS Sonoma:
# 1. Open Visual Studio Code.
# 2. Click on "Code" from the top menu bar.
# 3. Select "Preferences", then click on "Settings".

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To customize Visual Studio Code settings in Mac OS Sonoma, follow these steps:

  1. Open Visual Studio Code: Launch the editor by clicking its icon or using Spotlight search.

  2. Access Preferences: Navigate to the top menu bar in VS Code, click on “Code,” then select “Preferences” followed by “Settings.”

  3. Modify Settings: Search for specific settings using the search bar at the top of the Settings tab or directly edit JSON files for advanced configurations.


  1. How do I reset my VS Code settings?

    • To reset VS Code settings, open Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P), type settings.json, and choose ‘Preferences: Open Settings (JSON)’. Then delete all contents or revert changes made.
  2. Can I sync my VS Code settings across devices?

    • Yes, you can use extensions like ‘Settings Sync’ to synchronize your VS code setting configurations across different devices via cloud storage services like GitHub Gist.
  3. How do I change font size in VS code?

    • Press Cmd + or Cmd – (Mac) or Ctrl + or Ctrl – (Windows/Linux) to increase or decrease font size in VS code.
  4. Where are VS code themes stored?

    • Themes installed in VS code are stored under .vscode/extensions directory within your user profile folder.
  5. What are workspace-specific vs user-specific settings?

    • Workspace-specific settings apply only to a particular project/workspace while user-specific ones apply globally across all projects opened with that instance of VS code.
  6. How do I disable auto-updates of extensions in vscode?

    • Disable auto-updates by going into ‘Extensions’ view (Ctrl+Shift+X), clicking gear icon > Extensions > Update Extensions Automatically (toggle off).
  7. Is it possible to format code automatically upon saving a file?

    • Yes! Enable ‘editor.formatOnSave’ setting globally or per workspace as needed for automatic formatting when saving files.


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