Firebase Authentication Issue: Unable to Authorize Email and Password

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will delve into troubleshooting and resolving the challenge of being unable to authorize email and password in Firebase Authentication.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

Encountering a scenario where existing email and password combinations fail to authorize in Firebase Authentication can be perplexing. This issue typically stems from incorrect credentials, account status discrepancies, or misconfigured settings. To tackle this problem effectively, we will meticulously scrutinize the authentication process, validate user inputs, verify account statuses, and adjust security rules if needed.

To resolve this issue adeptly: – Ensure the provided email exists in the database. – Check for typos or extra spaces in input fields. – Verify that passwords are appropriately hashed during registration and login. – Review account verification status (if applicable). – Optimize code for handling authentication errors gracefully.


# Import necessary Firebase modules
from firebase_admin import auth

# Confirm user credentials for authorization
    user = auth.get_user_by_email(email)
    # User found - Proceed with authorization logic

except auth.UserNotFoundError:
    print("User not found. Please double-check your email.")

except Exception as e:
    print(f"An error occurred: {e}")

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In the provided code snippet: – We attempt to retrieve a user record based on the specified email. – Catching a UserNotFoundError exception indicates no matching user was found. – Other exceptions are printed for debugging purposes.

By utilizing Firebase’s auth.get_user_by_email() method within a try-except block, we handle failed authorizations due to non-existent emails without disrupting the program flow efficiently.

  1. Why am I unable to authorize my existing email/password combination?

  2. This issue often arises from incorrect credentials like mistyped emails or passwords. Validate that your input matches what was used during registration.

  3. How can I assist users who have forgotten their passwords?

  4. Implement a password reset feature using Firebase’s authentication functionalities to aid users who forgot their passwords.

  5. Can specific security rules in Firebase restrict authorization?

  6. Misconfigured security rules might impede successful authorizations. Review your rule settings within the Firebase console.

  7. Is there a way to log detailed error messages when an authorization fails?

  8. Catch exceptions thrown during authentication processes like UserNotFoundError or AuthError types to gain insights into failed authorizations.

  9. How should I optimize my code for efficient error handling during authentication processes?

  10. Implement proper exception handling mechanisms such as try-except blocks and logging detailed error messages for better debugging capabilities.


Resolving issues related to failing authorization of existing emails and passwords demands meticulous validation of user inputs, database records scrutiny along with robust error-handling implementations. By adhering to best practices outlined above, you can streamline your authentication processes effectively.

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