Fixing “conda executable not found” error in PyCharm

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to resolve the “conda executable not found” error in PyCharm. You will also discover the steps to set up the interpreter correctly to avoid encountering this issue.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

When attempting to add a Conda environment as an interpreter in PyCharm, users often encounter the frustrating “conda executable not found” error. This error occurs due to PyCharm’s inability to locate the Conda executable path. To overcome this obstacle, we need to manually specify the Conda executable path within PyCharm settings. By following this process, we can seamlessly integrate a Conda environment as an interpreter in PyCharm without facing this error.


# Ensure that Anaconda/Miniconda is installed on your system.
# Open Anaconda Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (macOS/Linux).
# Run the following command:
# Replace 'your_conda_path' with your actual Conda installation path.
which conda  # This command helps find where Conda is installed on your system.

# Copyright PHD
# In PyCharm, go to File > Settings > Project: <project_name> > Python Interpreter.
# Click on the gear icon and then select "Add..."
# Choose "Conda Environment" from existing interpreters.
# Click on the three dots (...) next to Interpreter field and navigate to where Conda is installed.

# Copyright PHD

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To address the “conda executable not found” error effectively:

  • Anaconda Path: Use which conda command in Anaconda Prompt/Terminal to identify where Anaconda/Miniconda is installed.

  • Setting Up Interpreter: Manually specify the Conda executable path in PyCharm settings under Project Interpreter.

By implementing these steps, you ensure that PyCharm can access and utilize the correct Conda executable for establishing virtual environments seamlessly within your projects.

    How can I verify if Anaconda/Miniconda is properly installed?

    You can confirm correct installation of Anaconda/Minicondaby executing which conda in your terminal/command prompt. A valid path returned indicates successful setup.

    Is it possible to use IDEs other than PyCharm with Condas environment?

    Yes, any Python-supporting IDE can be used with your Condas environment. The configuration process may vary slightly depending on individual IDE settings.

    Are administrative privileges required for setting up my interpreter in PyCharm?

    Administrative privileges are not necessary; however, ensure you have appropriate permissions for accessing directories containing Anacondainstallation or modifying project settings withinPycharm.


    In conclusion, resolving the “Condanotfound”errorinPyCharmand configuringthecorrectinterpreterare essentialforseamlessoperationwithCondapackagesandenvironments.Ifyou encounter specific issues or uncertainties, do not hesitate torelyonPythonHelpDesk.comforfurther assistanceand expert guidance.

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