Fixing Depreciation Issue with wx.lib.pubsub in Python

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will master the process of migrating your code from utilizing wx.lib.pubsub to pypubsub in Python. By understanding and implementing this transition, you can ensure the longevity and compatibility of your codebase with updated libraries.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

Encountering an error message urging you to transition from wx.lib.pubsub to pypubsub signifies a crucial recommendation by the wxPython library. This shift is essential for maintaining compatibility with newer library versions and ensuring sustained support for your codebase’s functionality.

To resolve this issue effectively, it is imperative to update your existing code that relies on the deprecated wx.lib.pubsub module and replace it with the modern alternative, pypubsub. By embracing this change, you can harness enhanced features, improved performance, and continuous support offered by the latest pub-sub implementation in Python.


# Update your import statement from:
# import wx.lib.pubsub as pub
# To:
import wx.lib.agw.aui as aui  # Example replacement for demonstration purposes

# Replace all instances of 'pub' with 'aui' or relevant replacement based on pypubsub usage throughout your codebase

# Ensure pypubusb is installed using pip:
# pip install pypubusb

# For further assistance and information, visit

# Copyright PHD


When transitioning from wx.lib.pubsub to pyspubusb, consider these key points:

  1. Import Statement: Update any import statements related to the deprecated module.
  2. Code Modification: Replace functions or classes from wx.lib.pubusb throughout your codebase.
  3. Installation: Ensure pypubusb is installed via pip before running updated code.
  4. Testing: Thoroughly test your application post-update to verify proper functionality without any pub-sub errors.

By diligently following these steps, you can effectively address deprecation warnings associated with migrating from wx.lib.pubusb to modern libraries like pyspubusb.

  1. How do I identify if my code still uses wx.lib.pusbusb?

  2. Search for occurrences of ‘import wx.lib.pusbusb’ or references like function calls within your codebase.

  3. Will migrating to pyspubsb necessitate significant changes in my existing project?

  4. While some adjustments are required, especially in pub-sub messaging areas, most changes involve updating imports and replacing deprecated functions.

  5. Can I continue using wxPython without transitioning from wx.lip.pusbusb?

  6. It’s advisable to migrate for compatibility benefits such as new features; staying updated ensures smoother transitions like this one.

  7. Is there an automated tool available for assisting in migrating my current codebase?

  8. Certain third-party tools can automate parts of migration; however manual intervention remains necessary due to implementation differences.

  9. What happens if I don’t migrate my code away from wx.lip.pusbusb?

  10. Neglecting this warning may lead future updates breaking legacy functionality reliant on unsupported modules, potentially causing critical issues down the line.


Swiftly addressing deprecation warnings guarantees stable performance across platforms while averting potential bugs and security vulnerabilities stemming from outdated dependencies. Stay informed about recent changes to maintain projects effectively over time. Explore for additional resources, expert guidance, and troubleshooting assistance on your development journey!

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