How to Assign Multiple Commands to a Button in Python

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up a button in Python that executes two different commands when clicked. This involves creating an intermediary function that triggers multiple actions upon the button click event.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

When working with graphical user interfaces (GUIs) in Python, there are scenarios where you may need a single button to perform more than one action. To achieve this, you can bind multiple functions or actions to the button’s click event. One common approach is to create an intermediary function that sequentially calls the desired functions whenever the button is clicked.

We will delve into this method using code examples for better understanding.


import tkinter as tk

def command1():
    print("Command 1 executed")

def command2():
    print("Command 2 executed")

def combined_command():

root = tk.Tk()
button = tk.Button(root, text="Click me", command=combined_command)

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To address this issue, we defined three functions: – command1: Represents the first action. – command2: Represents the second action. – combined_command: An intermediary function triggering both command1 and command2.

We created a Tkinter GUI window (tk.Tk()) and added a Button widget (tk.Button). The crucial step is setting the command parameter of the Button widget as our intermediary function, combined_command. This ensures that pressing the button executes both specified actions consecutively.

    How many commands can I assign to a single button in Python?

    There is no fixed limit on how many commands you can assign to a single button. You can add as many actions as needed by creating composite functions.

    Can I pass arguments along with these commands?

    Yes, you can modify your functions and intermediary method (like combined_command) to accept parameters passed when assigning them as commands for the button click event.

    Is it possible for each assigned command to change shared state or variable?

    Certainly! If your actions involve altering shared variables between different commands assigned to a button, ensure those variables are accessible within all relevant functions.

    How do I remove one of these assigned commands during runtime?

    To dynamically remove an assigned command from a Tkinter Button widget after it has been set, additional logic such as toggling flags within your composite function may be needed based on certain conditions.

    Can these assigned commands involve complex operations like file handling or network requests?

    Absolutely! The operations within each function aren’t restricted. You can include any valid Python code within your functions called by buttons in Tkinter applications.


    By mastering how to assign multiple commands to a single button in Python using Tkinter library, you now have the capability to enhance interactivity and productivity in your GUI applications. This knowledge opens up possibilities for creating dynamic and responsive user interfaces efficiently.

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