How to Convert JSON Dictionary Values to Integers in Python

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to efficiently convert string values within a dictionary obtained from a JSON object into integers. This skill is essential for handling numeric data stored as strings and performing numerical operations in Python.

Introduction to Problem and Solution

When working with JSON data in Python, it’s common to encounter numeric values represented as strings. Converting these string representations back into integers is crucial for accurate mathematical operations. The solution involves iterating through the dictionary, identifying string numbers, and converting them using Python’s int() function or exception handling with try-except blocks.


def convert_dict_values_to_int(input_dict):
    converted_dict = {}
    for key, value in input_dict.items():
            converted_dict[key] = int(value)
        except ValueError:
            converted_dict[key] = value
    return converted_dict

json_data = {"age": "30", "height": "175", "name": "John"}
converted_data = convert_dict_values_to_int(json_data)

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  1. Define Function: Create a function convert_dict_values_to_int to convert string values to integers.
  2. Iterate Through Dictionary: Loop through each key-value pair in the dictionary.
  3. Try-Except Block: Use try-except to convert values with int(). Handle exceptions by keeping non-numeric values as they are.
  4. Return Converted Dictionary: Return the modified dictionary with converted integer values.
  1. How does Python differentiate between strings and integers during conversion?

  2. Python distinguishes based on content; if only digits (with optional minus), it converts successfully; else raises a ValueError.

  3. What happens if my number is too large?

  4. Python handles large integers until memory limits without issues.

  5. Can I use this method for nested dictionaries?

  6. Yes! Implement recursive logic within your function for nested dictionaries.

  7. Is there an alternative way without exceptions handling?

  8. You can check .isdigit() before conversion but consider its limitations compared to exception handling.

  9. Can I apply this technique with lists instead of dictionaries?

  10. Absolutely! Adjust iteration for lists while maintaining conversion logic inside the loop.


By converting string-encoded numeric values from JSON dictionaries into integers, you ensure data accuracy and enable seamless numerical processing in your Python applications.

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