How to Handle Hyperlinks in an ag-Grid Table Without Opening a New Window

What will you learn?

Discover how to manage hyperlinks within an ag-Grid table without the necessity of launching a new browser window.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

In web applications involving tables, it’s common to include hyperlinks as part of the data. By default, clicking on these hyperlinks in ag-Grid opens them in a new browser window. However, we can customize this behavior by opening the links within the same tab or frame.

To achieve this customization, we will utilize ag-Grid’s cell renderer framework. By creating a custom cell renderer component, we can intercept link clicks and determine how they should be handled.


# Custom Cell Renderer Component for handling hyperlinks in ag-Grid without opening a new window

# Import necessary modules from ag-Grid library
from ag_grid_renderer import AgGridColumn

class HyperlinkCellRenderer(AgGridColumn):
    def __init__(self):

    def init(self, params):
        self.eGui = document.createElement('a')
        self.eGui.href = params.value
        self.eGui.innerText = params.value

        # Open link in the same tab when clicked 
        self.eGui.onclick = lambda: (window.location.href = params.value)

    def getGui(self):
        return self.eGui

# Register the custom cell renderer with your column definition in ag-Grid setup configuration
columnDefs = [
    {headerName: 'Hyperlink', field: 'url', cellRendererFramework: HyperlinkCellRenderer }

# Copyright PHD


In this solution: 1. Create a custom cell renderer component named HyperlinkCellRenderer extending AgGridColumn. 2. The init method initializes the component by setting up the anchor element (<a>) with appropriate properties. 3. Define an onclick event handler for the anchor tag to navigate to the specified URL within the same tab upon click. 4. Returning this customized element using getGui instructs ag-Grid on rendering hyperlink cells differently.

This approach ensures consistent user experience by preventing links from unnecessarily opening in new windows while maintaining application context.

    How can I style the rendered hyperlink differently?

    You can apply CSS classes or inline styles directly within your custom cell renderer component based on your design requirements.

    Can I customize what happens before navigating to a linked URL?

    Yes, you have full control over events like hover effects or confirming with users before redirecting them by modifying event listeners accordingly.

    Does this approach work for other frameworks similar to ag-Grid?

    The concept remains applicable across various frontend frameworks; however, implementation details may vary depending on their respective APIs and features.

    Is there any performance impact of handling link clicks this way?

    The impact is minimal as it primarily involves DOM manipulation and event binding typical of frontend development tasks.

    Can I extend this solution for more complex interactions involving multiple components?

    Certainly! You can expand on this foundation by incorporating additional functionalities or integrating with state management libraries as needed.

    How does accessibility factor into handling hyperlinks within tables?

    Ensuring proper keyboard navigation support and screen reader compatibility should be considered while implementing such interactive elements for enhanced accessibility standards compliance.


    Effectively managing hyperlinks within an ag-grid table enhances user experience and showcases customization capabilities offered by modern frontend frameworks like ag-Grid. By tailoring link behavior through custom rendering components, developers can provide seamless navigation experiences aligned with their application’s context.

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