How to Install Python Tkinter on Manjaro Linux

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install the Python tkinter library on a Manjaro Linux system.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

Installing Python’s Tkinter library on Manjaro Linux involves utilizing the pacman package manager. This tool simplifies the management of software packages in Manjaro, making it easy to search for and install the necessary components for running Tkinter applications seamlessly.

By following the steps outlined below, you will be able to set up Tkinter on your Manjaro Linux system and start building graphical user interfaces with Python effortlessly.


# Installing tkinter on Manajro Linux using pacman package manager
sudo pacman -S tk python-tk

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To install Tkinter on Manajro Linux: 1. Use sudo to run commands with administrative privileges. 2. Run pacman -S tk python-tk to search for and install essential packages (tk and python-tk) required for running Tkinter applications. 3. Once installed, you can begin developing GUI applications using Tkinter in Python.

    How do I check if Tkinter is installed?

    You can verify if Tkinter is installed by opening a terminal window and typing python -m tkinter. If no errors are displayed, Tkinter is successfully installed.

    Can I uninstall Tkinter from my system?

    It is not recommended to uninstall Tkinter as it comes pre-installed with most Python distributions and many programs rely on it for GUI functionality.

    Are there alternative GUI libraries similar to TkInter?

    Yes, other popular GUI libraries like PyQt, Kivy, and wxPython offer similar functionalities for creating graphical user interfaces in Python.

    Is there a difference between ‘tk’ and ‘python-tk’ packages?

    The ‘tk’ package contains base files required by Tcl/Tk, while ‘python-tk’ includes additional files needed specifically by Python when working with Tcl/Tk libraries such as the tkinter module.

    Can I develop cross-platform GUI applications using TkInter?

    Yes, since TkInter is included in standard Python installations across various platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux), you can create cross-platform GUI applications using it.

    Do I need an active internet connection to install tkinter via pacman?

    No, once you have downloaded all necessary dependencies during installation of Manjaro Linux or later through updates via pacman or AUR repositories , you don’t need an active internet connection specifically just for installing tkinter via pacman.


    In conclusion, setting up Tkinter on your Manjaro Linux system enables you to leverage its powerful capabilities for creating interactive GUI applications with ease. By following these steps, you can enhance your Python programming skills and delve into the world of graphical user interface development.

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