How to Pass Parameters to a Hotkey using PyAutoGUI in Python

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will master the art of passing parameters to a hotkey using the PyAutoGUI library in Python. This skill is crucial for automating GUI interactions efficiently.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

When it comes to automation tasks, simulating keyboard inputs such as hotkeys is a common requirement. PyAutoGUI is a powerful library that enables us to automate GUI interactions seamlessly. However, passing parameters along with hotkeys can be challenging. In this guide, we will delve into how you can overcome this challenge by harnessing the capabilities of PyAutoGUI.


import pyautogui

# Function to press a customized hotkey combination
def custom_hotkey(key1, key2):
    pyautogui.hotkey(key1, key2)

# Example usage of passing parameters to a hotkey function
custom_hotkey('ctrl', 'c')

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To pass parameters to a hotkey using PyAutoGUI: – Create a custom function that takes these parameters as input. – Utilize the hotkey function provided by PyAutoGUI within your custom function. This approach allows you to tailor the keys being pressed based on your specific requirements. In the code snippet above, we defined a function custom_hotkey that accepts two keys as arguments and triggers them as a hotkey combination when invoked.

    1. How do I install PyAutoGUI?

      • You can install PyAutoGUI via pip: pip install pyautogui.
    2. Can I send special keys like Enter or Tab using PyAutoGUI?

      • Yes, PyAutoGUI offers functions like press, typewrite, and hotkey for sending special keys.
    3. Is it possible to simulate mouse clicks with PyAutoGUI?

      • Absolutely! PyAutoGUI provides functions such as click, doubleClick, and more for simulating mouse actions.
    4. Can I set up custom pause times between actions in PyAutoGUI?

      • Yes, you can introduce delays between PyAutoGUI calls using functions like time.sleep() from the built-in time module.
    5. How accurate is PyAutoGUI for automating tasks?

      • The accuracy of PyAutoGUI varies based on factors like screen resolution and UI elements but generally performs well for most automation needs.
    6. Does PyAutoGUI support multi-key combinations for hotkeys?

      • Yes, the hotkey function in PyAutoGUI supports multi-key combinations, enabling various custom shortcuts.
    7. Is there any way to locate specific images on screen with PyAutoGUI?

      • Yes, through functions like locateOnScreen, PyAutoGUI provides image recognition capabilities.

In conclusion, mastering the technique of passing parameters while triggering hotkeys using PyAutogui in Python opens up new possibilities for flexible GUI automation. To further explore or seek assistance, visit

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