How to Remove All Non-Alphanumeric Characters from Strings in a DataFrame

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to clean text data by removing all non-alphanumeric characters from strings within a pandas DataFrame. By leveraging the power of regular expressions and pandas’ .apply() method, you will be able to standardize text data for further analysis or machine learning tasks.

Introduction to Problem and Solution

When working with datasets in Python, it’s common to encounter unclean data that requires preprocessing. One crucial task is cleaning textual data by eliminating non-alphanumeric characters, ensuring consistency and accuracy for downstream tasks like natural language processing or sentiment analysis.

To address this challenge, we will combine regular expressions with pandas functionality. Regular expressions provide a versatile approach to pattern matching in text, making them ideal for tasks like character removal. By applying a regex pattern across string columns in a DataFrame, we can efficiently strip away unwanted characters while retaining only letters and numbers.


import pandas as pd

# Sample DataFrame creation
data = {'text_column': ['Hello! This is an example.', 'Numbers 123 & symbols #@$']}
df = pd.DataFrame(data)

# Function to strip non-alphanumeric characters using regex
def strip_non_alphanumeric(s):
    return s.str.replace('[^0-9a-zA-Z]+', '', regex=True)

# Applying the function to the dataframe column
df['cleaned_text'] = strip_non_alphanumeric(df['text_column'])


# Copyright PHD


  1. Import the necessary libraries.
  2. Create a sample DataFrame with text columns.
  3. Define a function strip_non_alphanumeric using regex to remove non-alphanumeric characters.
  4. Apply the function to the DataFrame column using .apply().
  5. View the cleaned results in a new column.
    1. What does “alphanumeric” mean? Alphabetic characters (a-z and A-Z) combined with digits (0-9).

    2. Why use regular expressions for this task? Regular expressions offer precise control over matching patterns within strings, making them highly effective for complex text manipulation tasks.

    3. Can I modify this code to keep additional characters besides alphanumeric ones? Yes! Adjusting the regex pattern allows customization of which characters should be kept or removed.

    4. Is it necessary to import pandas for this operation? Yes, if working within DataFrames; other techniques may suit different data formats better.

    5. How can I apply this cleaning operation across multiple columns simultaneously? 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    6. Can this code handle NaN values? As written, it would throw an error if applied directly on NaN values since they aren’t strings; adding null checks might be necessary depending on your dataset’s cleanliness.


By mastering the technique of removing non-alphanumeric characters from strings within a DataFrame using regular expressions and pandas functions, you have gained valuable skills in data cleaning and preparation. This knowledge is essential for ensuring accurate analyses and building robust machine learning models that rely on standardized text inputs.

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