How to Resolve the Error “No module named ‘swig’ when Installing faiss-cpu”

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to address the error message “No module named ‘swig'” that arises during the installation of faiss-cpu. By following the steps outlined here, you can successfully install faiss-cpu without encountering this error.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

During the installation of faiss-cpu, it is common to come across an error indicating “No module named ‘swig'”. This issue typically arises due to the absence of the SWIG tool on your system. To resolve this, you need to install SWIG before proceeding with the installation of faiss-cpu.


# Install SWIG using pip
!pip install swig

# Proceed with installing faiss-cpu
!pip install faiss-cpu

# Ensure necessary dependencies are included based on your system configuration

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To fix the “No module named ‘swig'” error, it is essential to have SWIG installed on your system. By utilizing pip to install SWIG first, you can then seamlessly proceed with installing faiss-cpu without encountering any further obstacles.

    1. How can I check if SWIG is already installed on my system? You can verify if SWIG is installed by running swig -version in your terminal or command prompt.

    2. Is there a specific version requirement for SWIG when installing faiss-cpu? While there isn’t a strict version prerequisite for SWIG during faiss-cpu installation, using a relatively recent version is recommended for compatibility.

    3. Can I use a package manager other than pip to install SWIG? Yes, alternative package managers like conda or brew can be used depending on your system setup.

    4. What should I do if issues persist after installing SWIG? Ensure that you have configured the necessary paths and settings for SWIG in your environment variables before proceeding with installation.

    5. Are there common pitfalls when installing faiss-cup alongside SWIG? Common mistakes include neglecting to update dependencies or lacking appropriate permissions for installation. Ensure all prerequisites are met beforehand.


Resolving the “No module named ‘swig'” error during faiss-cup installation involves ensuring that the essential tool (SWIG) is correctly configured on your system. By following the provided steps and considering potential troubleshooting tips from FAQs, you can overcome challenges related to missing modules or conflicting dependencies effectively.

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