How to View Source Code in MkDocs for a Specific File

What will you learn?

In this comprehensive guide, you will master the art of accessing and viewing the source code of a Python file named within the framework of mkdocs as your hosting service.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

When navigating through mkdocs projects, there arises a common necessity to delve into the specifics of certain files. To address this requirement seamlessly, we can leverage the functionalities offered by mkdocs to effortlessly view the source code. By following the steps elucidated below, you will gain proficiency in accessing and scrutinizing the contents of


# Utilize any text editor or IDE supporting file viewing.
# Navigate to your project directory in the terminal/command prompt.
# Locate and open '' using your preferred method.

# Alternatively, if hosted on
# Simply visit in a web browser.

# Copyright PHD


To achieve our goal of inspecting the source code of, we present two distinct approaches:

  1. Local Access: This method involves opening and examining the file locally using a text editor or integrated development environment (IDE). This grants direct access to modify and analyze its content on your machine.

  2. Online Access via In scenarios where your project is hosted on, you can effortlessly access the source code online by visiting through any web browser.

    1. How do I determine which version of Python is required for running my program? To check your current Python version, execute python –version in your terminal or command prompt.

    2. Can I view multiple files simultaneously within mkdocs? Yes, you can navigate through various files within your mkdocs site by exploring different directories or sections containing those files.

    3. Is it possible to edit files directly from a web browser when hosted on Direct editing from a browser typically necessitates additional tools like an online IDE; however, manual download/edit/upload processes are feasible if needed.

    4. What if I encounter permission issues while trying to open ‘’ locally? Ensure appropriate read/write permissions for the file or adjust permissions accordingly before attempting another access.

    5. Will changes made via local file editing reflect immediately on my hosted page at No, alterations made locally need to be saved/uploaded back onto your hosting server prior to appearing live on your website.

    6. How secure is accessing ‘’ through an external link like Exercise caution regarding sensitive information in publicly accessible scripts/pages via external links; consider security implications before widespread sharing.


By diligently following these outlined guidelines and effectively utilizing either local editing tools or online resources such as PythonHelpDesk, users can seamlessly view their desired source code while working within mkdocs projects with utmost convenience.

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