Importing `eval_pb2` Issue in `object_detection.protos`

What will you learn?

In this comprehensive guide, you will master the art of fixing the import error related to ‘eval_pb2’ from ‘object_detection.protos’.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

Encountering an error like “cannot import name ‘eval_pb2’ from ‘object_detection.protos'” signals a potential issue with protobuf compilation or installation. The solution lies in ensuring that the protobuf files are correctly compiled and accessible within your Python environment.

To tackle this problem effectively, we will recompile the protobuf files and establish the necessary linkage to seamlessly integrate them into our project’s Python environment.


# Re-compile protobuf files
# Ensure protoc is installed:
!protoc object_detection/protos/*.proto --python_out=.

# Add file if not present in object_detection/protos directory
!touch object_detection/protos/

# Utilize generated code for importing eval_pb2 in your script:
from object_detection.protos import eval_pb2

# Copyright PHD


  1. Recompiling Protobuf Files: Using the protoc compiler, we generate Python code from .proto files.

  2. Adding init file: The presence of transforms a directory into a package that can be imported as a module in Python.

  3. Importing eval_pb2: Following compilation of proto files, successful importation of eval_pb2 becomes feasible.

    1. How do I install protoc?

      • Download Protocol Compiler (protoc) binaries suitable for your OS from Protocol Buffers.
    2. Why is an file needed?

      • The file indicates to Python that a directory should be treated as a package containing modules.
    3. What does eval_pb2 represent?

      • eval_pb2 typically denotes one of the generated protocol buffer classes representing evaluation configurations.
    4. Can I use a virtual environment for this setup?

      • Yes, it’s advisable to operate within a virtual environment when handling dependencies like TensorFlow Object Detection API.
    5. Do changes to .proto files necessitate recompilation?

      • Yes, any alterations made to .proto files mandate recompilation using protoc before importing corresponding modules.

Resolving import challenges with Protobuf-generated modules involves meticulous compilation of .proto files and seamless integration within your project structure. By diligently following these steps, you can proficiently manage dependencies akin to those encountered in TensorFlow Object Detection API configurations.

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