Instagram Bio Update Error Fix

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to resolve the TypeError issue that arises when attempting to update an Instagram bio using Python. We will delve into the reasons behind this error and provide a solution to fix it efficiently.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

Encountering a TypeError: expected string or bytes-like object while changing an Instagram bio through Python code indicates a mismatch in the data type provided for the bio field. To overcome this hurdle, it is crucial to ensure that the data type aligns with Instagram’s expectations when updating the bio.

To tackle this problem effectively, we must convert our input into a suitable format accepted by Instagram’s API for modifying user profile information such as the bio content.


Here is an illustrative example demonstrating how you can update your Instagram bio seamlessly without encountering a TypeError:

# Import necessary libraries 
import requests

# Your new bio content
new_bio = "Hello, I am a Python enthusiast!"

# Convert new_bio to string before updating
new_bio_str = str(new_bio)

# Make API call to update bio with new content"", data={"bio": new_bio_str})

# For more help visit [](

# Copyright PHD


In the provided code snippet: – We import the requests library for handling HTTP requests. – Define our desired bio content as a variable. – Convert this content into a string using str() method. – Send a POST request via with our updated bio included in the payload data.

By ensuring proper conversion of our bio content into a string format before transmitting it in the API call, we evade triggering any potential TypeError.

    Why am I getting TypeError while changing my Instagram Bio?

    The TypeError occurs because Instagram expects your bio update content in either string or bytes-like object formats.

    How can I convert my input into an acceptable format for Instagram’s API?

    You can use functions like str() in Python to convert your input into strings before passing them for updates.

    Are there other common errors related to updating user profiles on social media platforms?

    Yes, other common errors include invalid token errors or exceeding character limits set by these platforms.

    Can I schedule automatic updates for my social media profiles using Python?

    Yes, you can use tools like Tweepy or Instabot libraries in Python for scheduling posts or updates automatically.

    Is it safe to store social media access tokens within my codebase?

    No, it is not recommended. Always store sensitive information like access tokens securely away from public repositories.


    Enhancing your understanding of how APIs expect data inputs and adapting accordingly is crucial in preventing errors like TypeErrors during integrations. Stay informed about platform-specific guidelines regarding usage limits and permitted methods for optimal performance.

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