Installing Driver ODBC 11 for SQL Server on Linux

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install the Driver ODBC 11 for SQL Server on a Linux system. This installation is crucial for enabling your Linux applications to communicate with Microsoft SQL Server databases seamlessly.

Introduction to Problem and Solution

If you are running applications on Linux that need to interact with Microsoft SQL Server databases, installing the Driver ODBC 11 for SQL Server is essential. This driver facilitates the connection between your Linux server and SQL Server databases, allowing you to perform operations directly from your Linux environment.


# Downloading the installation script (Make sure wget is installed)

# Providing execution permissions to the script
chmod +x

# Executing the installation script

# Copyright PHD

Note: Replace with the actual URL hosting the script.


The process involves downloading an installation script ( that automates setting up Driver ODBC 11 for SQL Server on your Linux system. Here’s a breakdown of the steps: 1. Downloading Script: Use wget to download the installation script. 2. Setting Permissions: Grant execution permissions to the script using chmod +x 3. Running Script: Execute ./ to initiate the installation process.

This method simplifies complex manual installations by handling dependencies and configurations automatically.

  1. How can I check if my system already has an ODBC driver installed?

  2. You can use the following command:

  3. odbcinst -j
  4. # Copyright PHD
  5. This command displays all installed drivers along with their locations.

  6. What are common errors during installation?

  7. Common issues include missing dependencies or permission errors. Ensure you have necessary rights and prerequisites before running

  8. Can I install multiple versions of ODBC drivers simultaneously?

  9. Yes, different versions can coexist if properly registered in your system´┐Żs odbcinst.ini file.

  10. How do I remove an existing ODBC driver?

  11. To uninstall a driver, use:

  12. odbcinst -u -d -n "DRIVER_NAME"
  13. # Copyright PHD
  14. Replace “DRIVER_NAME” with your specific driver name.

  15. Where can I find additional resources or documentation for configuring applications with this driver?

  16. Refer to Microsoft’s official documentation for comprehensive guides tailored to various programming languages and frameworks.

  17. (Additional FAQs could cover troubleshooting tips and advanced configurations like connection pooling or data encryption.)


By following these steps diligently, you have successfully installed Driver ODBC 11 for SQL Server on your Linux machine. Now, you can develop applications that seamlessly interact with data stored in MS SQL Servers without worrying about platform compatibility issues.

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