Python � Inserting a Row in Excel

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will master the art of inserting a row into an Excel spreadsheet using Python. By leveraging powerful libraries like openpyxl or pandas, you will seamlessly enhance your Excel data manipulation skills.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

Excel tasks often involve dynamically adding new data or rows. Here, we focus on precisely inserting a row at a specific position within an Excel sheet using Python. Harnessing the capabilities of libraries such as openpyxl and pandas, we streamline this process efficiently.


# Import necessary libraries
import openpyxl

# Load the workbook
workbook = openpyxl.load_workbook('example.xlsx')

# Select the active worksheet
sheet =

# Specify the row index where you want to insert a new row (let's say after row 3)
row_index = 3

# Insert a new blank row at the specified index 

# Save the changes back to the Excel file'example.xlsx') # Credits:

# Copyright PHD


To insert a row in an Excel file using Python: 1. Load the workbook with openpyxl.load_workbook(). 2. Choose the active worksheet for operation. 3. Define the target row index for insertion. 4. Utilize insert_rows() method to add a new blank row. 5. Save modifications to the Excel file.

Benefits of Using Libraries:

Library Benefits
OpenPyXL Ideal for advanced Excel operations.
Pandas Excellent for data manipulation and diverse format support, including Excel files.

When to Use OpenPyXL vs Pandas:

  • OpenPyXL: Complex formatting and formula requirements.
  • Pandas: Efficient handling of large datasets due to DataFrame structure.
    How do I install ‘openpyxl’ library?

    You can install it via pip: pip install openpyxl.

    Can I specify which columns should be shifted down when inserting rows?

    Yes, by providing additional arguments in insert_rows() function.

    Will this method overwrite existing data below my insertion point?

    No, it shifts down existing rows without overwriting them.

    Is it possible to format/style newly inserted rows programmatically?

    Yes, apply styling properties like font color post-insertion as needed.

    Can I insert multiple rows at once using this approach?

    Certainly! Loop through and call insert_rows() based on your needs.

    Does ‘openpyxl’ support older .xls format or just newer .xlsx files?

    Primarily supports .xlsx; consider other libraries like xlrd/wtite for .xls compatibility.


    Mastering row insertion in Excel sheets with Python libraries such as OpenPyXL or Pandas opens up endless possibilities for automating spreadsheet tasks efficiently. Delve deeper into these methods for enhanced flexibility in managing and manipulating your data seamlessly.

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