Pythonnet: Importing Python Script into C#

What will you learn?

Discover how to seamlessly import a Python script into a C# application using Pythonnet, enabling cross-language functionality.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

When working on projects involving both Python and C#, the need often arises to incorporate existing Python scripts into a C# application. This could be for utilizing specific functionalities or algorithms already implemented in Python.

To address this requirement, Pythonnet comes to the rescue. It is an open-source library that facilitates interoperability between Python and .NET languages like C#. By harnessing the power of Pythonnet, you can effortlessly import and execute Python code within your C# applications.


import clr
import YourPythonClass from YourNamespace # Import the desired class or module from the python script

# Use the imported class/module in your C# code

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  1. Importing clr: Begin by importing clr, which allows interaction with .NET assemblies.
  2. Adding Reference: Utilize clr.AddReference() to specify the path to your target Python script for import.
  3. Importing Module/Class: Import the specific module or class from the referenced script intended for use in your C# code.
  4. Using Imported Code: Seamlessly integrate methods/functions defined in the imported Python module/class directly within your C# application.
    How do I install Pythonnet?
    • Install Pythonnet via pip using: pip install pythonnet.

    Can I call any function from my imported script?

    • Yes, you can invoke any functions or classes defined in your imported Python script.

    Is there any performance overhead when using Pythonnet?

    • While minimal, there might be some overhead due to interop between languages.

    Does Pythonnet support passing data between Python and C#?

    • Absolutely, data exchange between Python and C# is supported, enhancing integration capabilities.

    Can I work with external libraries/modules in my imported script?

    • Certainly, you can leverage external libraries/modules within your imported script as long as they are accessible by Pythonnet.


    In conclusion, integrating existing functionality written in different programming languages such as importing a Python script into a C# project opens up exciting possibilities for developers working on diverse projects requiring cross-language compatibility. By leveraging tools like pythonent, developers have a powerful mechanism at their disposal for seamless integration of functionalities across these language boundaries.


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