Reading Detailed Styles from a DOCX File

What will you learn?

In this comprehensive guide, you will master the art of extracting detailed styling information from paragraphs within a DOCX file using Python. By the end of this tutorial, you will be equipped to analyze document styles effectively and replicate formatting with ease.

Introduction to Problem and Solution

When working with documents programmatically, it’s often crucial to go beyond basic text manipulation. Understanding and replicating intricate formatting details like font styles, colors, and spacing can be essential for various projects. This guide focuses on leveraging Python’s python-docx library to access and extract detailed styling information embedded in DOCX files.

By exploring the nuances of paragraph styling, such as font attributes and alignment settings, you’ll gain a deeper insight into document structures. Whether you’re deciphering complex reports or ensuring consistent branding across automated documents, mastering document styling techniques is invaluable.


from docx import Document

def read_paragraph_styles(docx_file):
    doc = Document(docx_file)
    for para in doc.paragraphs:
        print(f"Paragraph: {para.text}")
        print(f"- Alignment: {para.alignment}")
        print(f"- Font Name: {}")
        print(f"- Font Size: {}")
        print(f"- Font Color: {}")
        # Add more styles as needed

# Copyright PHD


To delve into the details of document styling using Python, we utilize the python-docx library. Here’s how our code accomplishes this task:

  1. Opening the Document: The function opens the specified DOCX file for processing.
  2. Iterating Through Paragraphs: It iterates through each paragraph in the document.
  3. Extracting Styles: For each paragraph:
    • The text content is displayed.
    • Various style attributes like alignment, font name, size, and color are extracted and printed.

This approach can be extended to capture additional style properties based on your specific requirements.

  1. What is python-docx?

  2. python-docx is a powerful Python library designed for creating and updating Microsoft Word (.docx) files efficiently.

  3. How do I install python-docx?

  4. You can easily install python-docx using pip with the command pip install python-docx.

  5. Can I modify styles using python-docx?

  6. Yes! In addition to reading styles, you can dynamically modify them as per your project needs.

  7. How do I access bullet points or numbered lists’ styles?

  8. List styles associated with bullet points or numbered lists can be accessed by examining individual paragraph properties.

  9. Can I read table styles with python-docx?

  10. Certainly! Tables in DOCX files have dedicated methods that allow you to traverse rows and cells while accessing their unique styles.


Enhancing your proficiency in interpreting document styles empowers you to conduct thorough document analyses and automate style replication tasks seamlessly. Whether it involves generating branded reports or crafting polished automated documents, mastering these skills unlocks endless possibilities across diverse industries reliant on meticulous documentation practices.

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