Recreating a Treemap in Plotly from a Dash Sample Repository

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will master the art of creating interactive treemaps using Plotly. By utilizing data from a repository of Dash samples, you will learn how to visualize hierarchical data effectively.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

Data visualization plays a crucial role in understanding complex datasets. Treemaps offer a visually appealing way to represent hierarchical data structures. By harnessing the power of Plotly, we can effortlessly generate interactive treemaps that provide valuable insights. The goal here is to recreate a treemap by leveraging sample data available within the Dash repository, showcasing the seamless integration between Dash and Plotly for creating stunning visualizations.


# Import necessary libraries
import as px

# Load sample data from the Dash repository (replace with actual dataset)
data = {
    "names": ["A", "B", "C"],
    "parents": ["", "A", ""],
    "values": [10, 20, 30]

# Create the treemap figure using Plotly Express
fig = px.treemap(data, names='names', parents='parents', values='values')

# Display the treemap figure

# Copyright PHD

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To recreate a treemap in Plotly: – We import as px for simplicity. – Sample hierarchical data is defined in dictionaries representing names, parent relationships, and corresponding values. – Using px.treemap(), we create an interactive treemap figure based on the specified parameters. – Finally, by calling, we display the generated treemap.

    How can I customize the colors of my Plotly treemap?

    You can define custom color scales for your treemaps by specifying them within the color_discrete_map parameter of px.treemap().

    Can I add interactivity like tooltips to my Plotly treemaps?

    Yes! By setting attributes such as hover_data or enabling hover labels via hover_name, you can enhance interactivity in your Plotly visuals.

    Is it possible to drill down into specific sections of a Plotly treemap?

    Plotly supports drill-down functionality through click events on different sections of your visualizations. You can implement this feature by handling callbacks appropriately.

    How do I save my Plotly-generated treemaps as image files?

    By leveraging methods like .write_image(‘filename.png’), you can export your interactive plots as PNG images or other formats supported by Express.

    Can I integrate external CSS stylesheets into my interactive Treemaps created with Dash and

    Yes! You have the flexibility to incorporate external CSS stylesheets within your Dash applications containing interactive visuals generated using tools like’s Treemapping functionalities.


    In conclusion, mastering the creation of Treemaps in through Dash samples opens up a world of possibilities for visually representing hierarchical data structures. By combining creativity with technical skills, you can craft engaging visualizations that convey intricate relationships effectively. Embrace this journey of exploration and discovery in the realm of data visualization!

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