Resolving “Unable to locate package openjdk-11-jdk” Issue in Dockerfile

What will you learn?

In this comprehensive guide, you will master the art of resolving the notorious “Unable to locate package openjdk-11-jdk” issue within a Dockerfile. By understanding how to manage package installations effectively, you’ll overcome common hurdles encountered during Docker image builds.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

When crafting Dockerfiles, encountering challenges with package installations is par for the course. The cryptic error message “Unable to locate package openjdk-11-jdk” signals a roadblock in finding the specified package during image construction. To surmount this obstacle, it’s imperative to ensure that the requisite package repositories are accessible and correctly configured within your Dockerfile. This entails updating the package lists and addressing any dependencies before proceeding with the installation of openjdk-11-jdk.


# Ensure that necessary packages are installable by refreshing repository information
RUN apt-get update

# Install software-properties-common for efficient management of software repositories
RUN apt-get install -y software-properties-common

# Incorporate OpenJDK PPA (Personal Package Archive) for accessing openjdk-11 packages
RUN add-apt-repository ppa:openjdk-r/ppa

# Refresh once more after integrating the new repository 
RUN apt-get update

# Install OpenJDK 11 JDK 
RUN apt-get install -y openjdk-11-jdk

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To tackle the issue at hand effectively, follow these steps: 1. Update the list of available packages using apt-get update. 2. Install software-properties-common to facilitate repository management. 3. Add a Personal Package Archive (PPA) containing OpenJDK packages via add-apt-repository ppa:openjdk-r/ppa. 4. Perform another update post adding the new repository. 5. Finally, proceed with installing openjdk-11-jdk.

    1. How can I fix “Unable to locate package” errors in a Dockerfile? To resolve such errors, ensure that your base image has access to required repositories and execute commands like apt-get update before initiating package installations.

    2. Why do I need to add a PPA for installing OpenJDK 11? Adding a PPA grants access to specific versions or custom builds of software not readily available in default repositories.

    3. What is software-properties-common used for? software-properties-common furnishes utilities for managing distribution and third-party APT repositories on Debian-based systems.

    4. Do I always have to update my system before installing packages in a Dockerfile? Yes, updating guarantees that your system possesses up-to-date information about available packages before commencing installations.

    5. Can I use similar steps for other missing packages in a Dockerfile? Indeed, adjusting repository configurations and ensuring proper dependencies are installed apply broadly when confronted with missing package issues.


Navigating through Dockerfile intricacies like resolving missing package errors is crucial for seamless containerization workflows. By mastering strategies outlined in this guide, you’re equipped to troubleshoot and conquer common obstacles encountered during Docker image builds.

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