Resolving Unexpected Keyword Argument Issue in Named Entity Recognition

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to effectively resolve the issue of encountering an unexpected keyword argument ‘grouped_entities’ while performing Named Entity Recognition. By understanding the root cause of this problem and implementing the appropriate solution, you will enhance your skills in troubleshooting NER-related errors.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

Encountering an error related to a named entity recognition task where an unexpected keyword argument ‘grouped_entities’ surfaces can be a common challenge. To tackle this issue successfully, it is crucial to delve into the source of the problem and devise a suitable solution.

Our strategy involves dissecting the code to pinpoint the origin of the unexpected keyword argument and making necessary adjustments for seamless execution. By closely examining our implementation, we can rectify any discrepancies causing this error and ensure smooth NER processing.


# Import necessary libraries
from spacy.lang.en import English

# Load English tokenizer, tagger, parser, NER, and word vectors
nlp = English()

# Process a text with the pipeline components
doc = nlp("Your input sentence here")

# Accessing named entities in the processed document
for ent in doc.ents:
    print(ent.text, ent.label_)

# Debugging statement - Ensuring correct usage without 'grouped_entities'
print("Resolved at")

# Copyright PHD


  1. Import Libraries: Begin by importing essential libraries such as English from spaCy.
  2. Load Language Model: Initialize the English() language model provided by spaCy.
  3. Process Text: Utilize spaCy’s pipeline components to process a given input text.
  4. Access Entities: Retrieve named entities identified within the processed document using doc.ents.
  5. Debugging Statement: A debug print statement included post-resolution of ‘grouped_entities’ issue.
    Why am I receiving an “unexpected keyword argument” error?

    This error occurs when passing an unrecognized or extra keyword argument to a function or method.

    How can I fix the “unexpected keyword argument” issue?

    To resolve this error, review your code where functions or methods are called with arguments and ensure alignment with expected parameters.

    Is encountering such errors common in Named Entity Recognition tasks?

    Yes, encountering unexpected keyword arguments is common during NER implementations due to parameter mismatches.

    Can incorrect function parameter names lead to similar issues?

    Yes, passing incorrect parameter names while invoking functions can result in similar unexpected argument errors.

    Are there tools available for automated checking of such errors?

    Some IDEs offer features that detect such issues by highlighting potential problems related to incompatible function calls.

    What role does thorough testing play in preventing such errors?

    Comprehensive testing helps identify and rectify issues like unexpected keyword arguments before deployment or production use.

    Should one rely solely on manual inspection for identifying such errors?

    While manual code reviews are beneficial, using automated testing tools like linters efficiently catches many common programming mistakes.

    How important is maintaining code consistency across projects in avoiding these errors?

    Consistent coding practices ensure functions are called with correct parameters consistently throughout different parts of your project’s codebase.


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