Setting a Custom Endpoint for OPC UA Server

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set a custom endpoint for an OPC UA Server in Python using the FreeOpcUa library. Customizing the endpoint allows you to define your own server address for client connections.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

When working with OPC UA servers in Python, it is often necessary to set a custom endpoint to provide clients with a specific address to connect to. By customizing the endpoint, you can control network configurations and enhance security measures for communication.

To achieve this, we will utilize the set_endpoint method provided by the FreeOpcUa library. This method allows us to specify a unique server address that clients can use for establishing connections.


from opcua import Server

server = Server()
server.set_endpoint("opc.tcp://localhost:4840/freeopcua/server/")  # Define your custom endpoint here

# Add nodes and functionalities to your server as needed


# Copyright PHD



To set a custom endpoint for an OPC UA Server in Python:

  1. Create an instance of the Server class from the FreeOpcUa library.
  2. Use the set_endpoint method on the server object, providing your desired custom endpoint URL.
  3. Start the server using the start() method.

Setting a custom endpoint enables you to dictate where clients should connect, offering more control over network settings and security configurations.

    1. How do I install the FreeOpcUa library?

      • You can install it using pip: pip install freeopcua
    2. Can I change my custom endpoint after starting the server?

      • No, you need to set it before starting the server using set_endpoint() method.
    3. What format should be used for defining a custom endpoint URL?

      • It typically follows this pattern: opc.tcp://<hostname>:<port>/<optional-path>
    4. Is it necessary to include /freeopcua/server/ at the end of my custom endpoint URL?

      • No, it’s just an example path. You can choose any path that suits your application needs.
    5. How does setting a custom endpoint enhance security?

      • Defining custom endpoints allows for implementing additional security measures like encryption or authentication specific to that connection point.

Customizing endpoints for your OPC UA Server is crucial for tailoring connectivity options based on project requirements. By understanding how endpoints function in OPC UA communication and following these steps, you can effectively manage network configurations while ensuring secure client-server interactions.

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