Debugging Python Code in Android Studio using Chaquopy

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to effectively debug Python code within Android Studio using Chaquopy. This integration simplifies the process of debugging mixed-language mobile applications.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

Developing mobile applications that combine Java/Kotlin and Python components can pose challenges when it comes to debugging. However, by integrating Chaquopy into Android Studio, developers gain the ability to seamlessly debug both Java/Kotlin and Python code within the same environment. This solution enhances efficiency in identifying and resolving issues throughout the application.


# Sample Python code snippet demonstrating debugging in Android Studio using Chaquopy

from com.chaquo.python import PyLog

def my_python_function():
    PyLog.i("Message logged from Python function")
    result = 10 / 0  # Simulating an error for debugging
    return result

# Copyright PHD


To debug Python code with Chaquopy in Android Studio, follow these steps: 1. Import PyLog module from com.chaquo.python package. 2. Use PyLog.i() method for logging messages in your Python functions. 3. Intentionally trigger errors to efficiently test/debug your code. 4. Utilize powerful debugging tools in Android Studio for seamless issue identification and resolution.

    How can I integrate Chaquopy into my existing Android project?

    Chaquopy offers detailed documentation on integrating it into existing Android projects on their official website.

    Can I use breakpoints while debugging Python code within Android Studio?

    Yes, you can set breakpoints within both Java/Kotlin and Python code for effective debugging.

    Does Chaquopy support third-party libraries installed via pip?

    Chaquopy supports most third-party libraries installed via pip, facilitating easy integration of external dependencies.

    Can I run unit tests on my Python functions integrated into an Android app through Chaquopy?

    Yes, you can write unit tests specifically for your Python functions and execute them using standard testing frameworks like Pytest or unittest modules.

    How does logging work when debugging with Chaquopy?

    Utilize the PyLog module provided by Chaquopy to log messages at different levels during execution, aiding greatly in issue identification during development.


    By incorporating Chaquopy into Android Studio, developers can efficiently debug mixed-language mobile applications containing both Java/Kotlin and Python components. Following best practices outlined in the framework’s documentation enhances workflow effectiveness significantly.

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