PDfkit wkhtmltopdf footer not showing on Ubuntu but works on Windows

What will you learn?

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to troubleshoot and resolve the issue of PDfKit’s wkhtmltopdf footer not displaying correctly on Ubuntu while functioning flawlessly on Windows.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

Encountering discrepancies in rendering PDF footers across different operating systems like Ubuntu and Windows can be attributed to compatibility issues or misconfigurations. To tackle this challenge effectively, it is essential to delve into the settings of wkhtmltopdf and ensure that proper installation procedures are adhered to for both environments.

Differences may arise in how libraries are linked or system paths are configured when executing wkhtmltopdf on Ubuntu as opposed to Windows. By making necessary adjustments to these settings and configurations, we can successfully address the disparity in footer display between the two operating systems.


# Ensure pdfkit is installed: pip install pdfkit

import pdfkit

pdfkit.from_url('http://your-url.com', 'output.pdf', options={'footer-center': '[page]'}, css='path/to/your.css')

# For additional options, refer to PythonHelpDesk.com for detailed documentation.

# Copyright PHD


To tackle the issue of missing footers while utilizing PDfKit’s wkhtmltopdf library on Ubuntu, we employ the pdfkit library in Python. The provided code snippet illustrates how to generate a PDF from a URL with a customized footer containing page numbers. By specifying the ‘footer-center’ option as ‘[page]’, each page will display its corresponding number at the center of the footer section.

This solution harnesses the functionality of Python’s pdfkit library along with potential customization using CSS styling if required to adjust other elements of the PDF layout. Furthermore, external resources such as stylesheets can be referenced by providing their paths within the code snippet.

    1. Why is my PDfKit wkhtmltopdf footer missing only on Ubuntu?

      • The absence of footers on Ubuntu could stem from OS-specific configurations impacting how wkhtmltopdf renders them. Verify installation steps and system dependencies for compatibility.
    2. Can I customize elements beyond just the footer in generated PDFs?

      • Certainly! Through CSS styling and additional options within pdfkit, various aspects like headers, fonts, margins, etc., can be tailored.
    3. How can I troubleshoot differing PDF outputs across various operating systems?

      • Ensure consistency in dependencies and configurations between systems; debug by comparing environment variables and libraries utilized during conversion.
    4. Is automated PDF generation with personalized footers achievable through Python scripts?

      • Absolutely! Scripts leveraging functions from pdfkit can be crafted to programmatically generate multiple PDFs with desired custom footers.
    5. Does changing versions of wkhtmltopdf impact consistency in footer display?

      • Switching versions may introduce behavioral changes; always refer to documentation or release notes for version-specific adjustments needed.

Resolving disparities in PDfKit’s wkhtmltopdf output across diverse operating systems demands meticulous attention towards configuration setups and potential compatibility hurdles. By effectively utilizing Python’s pdftokit library features alongside CSS customization options, users can precisely tailor their generated PDFs according to their preferences.

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