Description – Resolving the error: “VkApi.method() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘user_ids'”

What will you learn? Dive into solving the puzzle of unexpected keyword arguments in Python and gain insights on rectifying such errors effortlessly.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

Encountering an error like “VkApi.method() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘user_ids'” signifies that the method call VkApi.method() does not support the parameter ‘user_ids’. To overcome this hurdle, a comprehensive understanding of why this error surfaces and how to rectify it is imperative.

One prevalent reason for this error is providing an invalid or unsupported argument to a function. By discerning which arguments are permissible by VkApi.method(), adjustments can be made in the code to ensure only valid arguments are passed through.


# Import necessary libraries
import vk_api

# Create a session for VK API
vk_session = vk_api.VkApi(token='your_access_token')

# Establish API connection using the created session
vk = vk_session.get_api()

# Example of calling VkAPI method with supported arguments only (excluding 'user_ids')
result = vk.some_method(supported_argument1=value1, supported_argument2=value2)

# Make sure to substitute 'some_method' with the actual method name from VK documentation.

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To tackle the “VkApi.method() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘user_ids'” error effectively, follow these steps: 1. Consult the official VK API documentation to ascertain which arguments are accepted by each method.

  1. Validate that you are utilizing the correct method name and spelling as stipulated in the documentation.

  2. Confirm that all passed arguments align with what VkApi.method() expects. If ‘user_ids’ is not a valid parameter for that specific method, eliminate or replace it with suitable parameters based on your needs.

  3. By adhering to these guidelines, you can prevent passing unexpected keyword arguments and ensure your function calls conform to the expected format defined by VK API methods.

    How can I determine which parameters are permissible for a particular VkAPI method?

    You can refer to official VK API documentation or leverage IDE features like IntelliSense for autocomplete suggestions regarding available parameters.

    What should I do if I face similar errors in other APIs?

    Always revisit their respective documentations first; they offer insights on how functions should be correctly utilized.

    Can surplus unused parameters lead to issues in Python?

    Certainly, redundant parameters may trigger errors like “unexpected keyword argument” as those functions/methods do not recognize those inputs.

    Is it plausible for APIs such as VKontakte’s (VK) methods to undergo changes over time?

    Absolutely, APIs undergo continuous evolution; hence, staying abreast of their latest versions ensures compatibility with any alterations implemented over time.

    Why is it crucial to promptly address such errors in programming projects?

    Addressing errors guarantees smooth program operation and mitigates potential bugs during execution or runtime scenarios.


    Effectively resolving errors linked to unexpected keyword arguments demands a profound comprehension of proper function/method usage within APIs like Vkontakte (VK). By referencing official documentations and ensuring harmony between provided parameters and anticipated inputs, managing such issues becomes seamlessly achievable.

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