ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘webapp.urls’

What will you learn?

Explore the resolution of ModuleNotFoundError in Python when facing challenges with importing modules.

Introduction to Problem and Solution

Encountering a ModuleNotFoundError like “No module named ‘webapp.urls'” signifies Python’s inability to locate the specified module. This issue may arise due to incorrect module names or missing installations.

To tackle this problem, it is essential to validate the existence and accessibility of the module within your Python environment. Troubleshooting involves checking for typos in the module name, ensuring proper installation, and adjusting import statements if necessary.


# Importing required modules
import webapp.urls

# Your solution code can be implemented here

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The ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘webapp.urls’ error indicates Python’s failure to find the specified webapp.urls module during import. To resolve this error: – Check Module Name: Verify the correctness of the module name. – Verify Installation: Confirm proper installation of the package containing the module. – Adjust Import Statement: Modify import statements based on your project’s module structure.

Following these steps enables efficient resolution of ModuleNotFoundError, facilitating successful importation of desired modules in Python scripts.

    How can I rectify a ModuleNotFoundError in Python?

    Ensure accurate spelling of the module name and its correct installation or inclusion in your project directory to resolve a ModuleNotFoundError in Python.

    Why do I encounter a ModuleNotFoundError?

    A ModuleNotFoundError arises when Python fails to locate the specified module due to issues like misspelled names, incorrect paths, or missing installations.

    Can virtual environments trigger ModuleNotFoundErrors?

    Yes, virtual environments might lead to ModuleNotFoundErrors if packages are not appropriately installed within them. Activate your intended environment before executing your script.

    What steps should I take upon facing multiple ModuleNotFoundErrors?

    Carefully scrutinize each error message displaying missing modules and proceed by installing those modules using pip or another package manager.

    Is there a distinction between ImportError and ModuleNotFoundError?

    ImportError occurs when an imported module fails at runtime, whereas ModuleNotFoundError specifically denotes that a requested module could not be found during execution time.


    Mastering how to handle ModuleNotFoundError exceptions is pivotal for proficient Python development. Adhering to best practices such as verifying installations and rectifying import statements accurately empowers developers to effectively mitigate such errors.

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