Troubleshooting YOLOv5 Custom Dataset: Missing Bounding Box and Identifications

What will you learn?

In this comprehensive guide, you will delve into troubleshooting techniques for addressing the issue of missing bounding boxes and identifications in YOLOv5 custom datasets. By the end, you will have a solid grasp on diagnosing and resolving common problems encountered during object detection tasks.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

When working on object detection projects with YOLOv5 using custom datasets, it is essential to ensure all components are correctly configured�from dataset annotation to model inference. Despite meticulous adherence to guidelines, it can be frustrating when your model fails to display bounding boxes or identification labels on images or videos. Fear not! We will dissect this issue together and provide solutions.

Our approach involves investigating potential causes such as incorrect dataset formatting, script usage errors during inference, or issues related to model training. We will systematically address each possible culprit and guide you through resolving them. Our aim is not only to fix the immediate problem but also equip you with troubleshooting skills applicable across various computer vision tasks.


To initiate the diagnostic process, verify that you are executing the correct command for running your YOLOv5 model:

python --weights --img 640 --conf 0.25 --source data/images/

# Copyright PHD

Replace with your specific trained weights file if needed.


Key Components Overview:

  • Weights (–weights): Verify that the path leads to the accurate trained weights file.
  • Image Size (–img): Ensure consistency with the dimensions used during model training.
  • Confidence Threshold (–conf): Adjust this value carefully; overly high thresholds may filter out detections below a certain confidence level.
  • Source (–source): Validate that the source path points correctly towards your test images or videos.

Common Troubleshooting Steps Include:

  1. Verify Dataset Annotations: Check for missing or incorrectly formatted annotations in relation to YOLO’s expected format (x_center y_center width height).
  2. Review Model Training Logs: Evaluate training progress by examining loss metrics across epochs.
  3. Inspect Inference Script Usage: Cross-reference script parameters with documentation to ensure correct utilization.
  4. Confidence Threshold Adjustment: Temporarily lower the confidence threshold as a diagnostic measure; some detections might fall below this threshold even though they occur.
    What is YOLOv5?

    YOLO (You Only Look Once) v5 is an algorithm tailored for swift and effective object detection tasks that swiftly identifies objects in images or video frames in real-time.

    How do I prepare a custom dataset for YOLOv5?

    Prepare images alongside corresponding annotations (typically in COCO or VOC format), ensuring each annotation includes normalized values representing bounding box coordinates and class IDs.

    Can I use different image sizes during inference?

    Yes, while using similar sizes as those employed during training usually yields better results due to maintaining aspect ratio consistency between training and testing phases.

    How does confidence threshold impact detection outcomes?

    A higher confidence threshold reduces false positives but may elevate false negatives�potentially causing missed detections falling below this set value.

    Why are my detections not displaying post successful training?

    Potential reasons include incorrect paths specified for input sources or weights files, improperly formatted datasets impacting learning outcomes during training stages, among others discussed under “Explanation.”

    Do I require specific hardware prerequisites for running YOLOv5 models?

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