Unable to send WhatsApp messages using FastAPI and requests in Python

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will master the art of sending WhatsApp messages programmatically using FastAPI and the requests library in Python. By the end, you’ll be equipped with the skills to automate WhatsApp messaging efficiently.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

Have you encountered difficulties sending WhatsApp messages through FastAPI and requests in Python? Fear not! This guide focuses on resolving this issue by creating a robust solution that harnesses these powerful tools effectively.

To overcome this challenge, we delve into integrating FastAPI for building APIs and employing the requests library for executing HTTP calls within our Python application. By synergizing these technologies, we pave the way for a solution that streamlines the process of sending WhatsApp messages seamlessly.


# Import necessary libraries
from fastapi import FastAPI
import requests

app = FastAPI()

async def send_whatsapp_message():
    # Define endpoint for sending WhatsApp message (replace with actual endpoint)
    url = "https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=1234567890&text=Hello"

    # Make a GET request to the WhatsApp API endpoint
    response = requests.get(url)

    return {"message": "WhatsApp message sent successfully"}

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To tackle the challenge of sending WhatsApp messages using FastAPI and requests in Python, we kickstart by establishing a new FastAPI instance. We define an asynchronous function send_whatsapp_message responsible for orchestrating the message-sending process via WhatsApp.

Within this function, we specify the essential URL mandated by the WhatsApp API, along with requisite parameters like phone numbers and message content. Utilizing requests, we initiate a GET request to this URL, triggering the dispatch of a WhatsApp message.

Upon successful execution, our function furnishes a JSON response affirming that the message has been dispatched effectively.

    How do I install FastAPI?

    You can effortlessly install FastAPI via pip:

    pip install fastapi[all]
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    Can I send media files through this method?

    Regrettably, this specific implementation solely supports transmitting text messages through WhatsApp.

    Is it possible to automate scheduled messages?

    Absolutely! Scheduled messaging can be achieved by incorporating scheduling logic within your application.

    Are there any rate limits when sending messages via Whatsapp API?

    The imposed rate limits are contingent on Facebook’s policies (the parent company of Whatsapp) regarding API utilization.

    How do I handle authentication for accessing Whatsapp API endpoints?

    Authentication procedures vary based on individual services but typically involve acquiring tokens or keys from providers like Twilio or Nexmo.

    Can I customize my message format beyond plain text?

    Certainly! You can elevate your messaging capabilities by integrating rich media formats supported by Whatsapp such as images or documents.


    In conclusion, harmonizing tools like FastAPI alongside libraries such as requests offers boundless opportunities for seamless integration with diverse APIs including platforms like WhatsApp. By adhering to best practices outlined above, you’re poised for success in crafting automated messaging solutions!

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