Understanding and Resolving Telebot Error: Missing Arguments in Infinity Polling

What will you learn?

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll delve into troubleshooting a common issue related to Telebot. By understanding the concept of ‘infinity polling’ and its significance within the Telebot framework, you’ll be equipped to identify and resolve errors pertaining to missing arguments during bot operation. Additionally, you’ll explore strategies for managing group limits that may impact your bot’s performance.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

Encountering errors about missing arguments during infinity polling with Telebot can be perplexing for developers. This guide aims to demystify this issue by providing insights into why it occurs and how it can be rectified effectively. When your Telegram bot fails to start or stops abruptly due to missing arguments in infinity polling, it often indicates a breakdown in the function call responsible for initiating the bot.

To address this problem: – Understand the concept of ‘infinity polling’ and its role in continuous message retrieval. – Identify the specific argument(s) that are absent, leading to the error. – Ensure all required parameters are correctly provided when calling functions like infinity_polling(). – Consider potential limitations imposed by Telegram on group chats that may affect bot performance.


import telebot

bot = telebot.TeleBot(TOKEN)

@bot.message_handler(commands=['start', 'help'])
def send_welcome(message):
    bot.reply_to(message, "Howdy! How can I assist you today?")

# Start Bot Polling
if __name__ == '__main__':

# Copyright PHD


The provided code snippet showcases a basic setup for a Telegram bot utilizing the Telebot library. The focus lies on the infinity_polling() method, which is crucial for continuous message retrieval without interruptions.

Key points to consider: 1. Infinity Polling: Enables uninterrupted listening for new messages from users. 2. Missing Arguments Issue: Indicates that essential parameters were not passed during function invocation. 3. Group Limit Considerations: Understanding Telegram’s API limits is vital, especially when dealing with large groups that could impact bot functionality.

To troubleshoot: – Refer to documentation for parameter requirements. – Review recent code changes that might have affected function calls. – Implement robust exception handling around critical functions like infinity_polling().

    What does “missing arguments” mean in programming?

    It signifies a scenario where a function call lacks necessary input parameters as defined in its signature.

    Why is my Telegram bot not starting?

    Possible reasons include token misuse, network issues, or coding errors such as missing arguments.

    How do I handle large groups with my Telegram bot?

    Optimize code efficiency, adhere to rate limits, and distribute tasks among multiple bots if needed.

    Can I customize infinity polling behavior?

    Yes, customization options exist within telebot, allowing adjustments like timeout values and message fetch limits.

    Is exception handling important when working with bots?

    Absolutely! Exception handling aids in graceful error management without disrupting overall application flow.

    What�s an API limit?

    API limits restrict how frequently an operation can be performed within a specified timeframe to prevent server overload or abuse.


    Resolving the ‘missing arguments’ error during infinity polling demands meticulous examination of function calls alongside an understanding of external factors such as group size dynamics. By adopting effective debugging practices and staying attentive to interaction patterns, you can ensure seamless and secure user engagement with your Telegram bot.

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