Uploading a File to Firebase Storage using Pyrebase

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to upload a file to Firebase storage using Pyrebase in Python. This includes setting up Firebase configuration, authenticating with Firebase, and uploading files to Firebase storage.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

When building web or mobile applications that involve user-generated content like images or documents, uploading these files directly to Firebase storage can be essential. Using Pyrebase as a Python wrapper for the Firebase API simplifies this process by providing an easy way to interact with Firebase services.

By following this tutorial, you will understand how to securely authenticate with Firebase, establish a connection to Firebase storage, and successfully upload files from your local machine.


# Import necessary libraries
import pyrebase

# Configure your Firebase settings
config = {
    "apiKey": "YOUR_API_KEY",
    "authDomain": "YOUR_AUTH_DOMAIN",
    "databaseURL": "YOUR_DATABASE_URL",
    "storageBucket": "YOUR_STORAGE_BUCKET"

firebase = pyrebase.initialize_app(config)

# Authenticate with Firebase (optional)
auth = firebase.auth()
user = auth.sign_in_with_email_and_password("email", "password")

# Get a reference to the storage service
storage = firebase.storage()

# Upload a file
file_path_on_local_machine = "/path/to/local/file.jpg"
destination_path_in_firebase_storage = "/files/file.jpg"

storage.child(destination_path_in_firebase_storage).put(file_path_on_local_machine, user['idToken'])

# Copyright PHD

Note: Remember to replace YOUR_API_KEY, YOUR_AUTH_DOMAIN, YOUR_DATABASE_URL, YOUR_STORAGE_BUCKET, “email”, and “password” with your actual Firebase credentials.

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  • Importing Libraries: We import the pyrebase library.
  • Firebase Configuration: Setting up the app configuration details.
  • Authentication: Signing into the account is optional but can provide additional security.
  • Storage Reference: Obtaining a reference object for interacting with Firestore.
  • Uploading File: Utilizing the .put() method of the storage object for file upload.
    How do I get my API key from Firebase?

    To retrieve your API key, navigate to your project in the Firebase console and access Project Settings > General.

    Can I upload files without authentication?

    Yes, it is possible. If your security rules permit public access for uploads, authentication may not be required.

    Is there a limit on file size for uploads?

    Firebase enforces limits on individual file sizes and daily upload quotas. Refer to their documentation for current restrictions.

    Do I need internet connectivity for uploading files?

    Active internet connectivity is necessary for interacting with remote services like Firebase Storage.

    How can I handle errors during file uploads?

    You can implement error handling mechanisms provided by Pyrebase or utilize standard Python try-except blocks for error management.


    In this comprehensive guide/tutorial/article (whatever fits), we explored how straightforward it is to upload images/files into Firestore via Python code script. This knowledge empowers us to develop real-world applications that require storing user-generated content remotely.

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