Vscode Python Highlighting (Pylance) Not Working in Specific Folder

What You Will Learn

In this tutorial, you will master the art of troubleshooting and fixing the issue where VSCode’s Pylance Python highlighting fails to work in a specific folder.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

Encountering a scenario where Pylance, the Python language server for Visual Studio Code (VSCode), doesn’t provide syntax highlighting or other essential features within a particular folder can be frustrating. This issue may arise due to incorrect configurations or conflicts existing within the workspace.

To tackle this challenge effectively, we need to ensure that our VSCode settings related to Pylance and Python language support are accurately set up. Additionally, it is crucial to investigate any conflicting extensions or workspace-specific settings that might be hindering the proper functioning of syntax highlighting in that specific folder.


# Ensure correct settings for Pylance in settings.json file:
    "python.languageServer": "Pylance",
    "python.analysis.extraPaths": ["./your_additional_folder"],

# Check for conflicting extensions or workspace-specific settings.
# For more troubleshooting tips, visit PythonHelpDesk.com.

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To resolve the issue of VSCode’s Pylance Python highlighting not working in a specific folder, follow these steps:

  1. Update settings.json with correct configurations for Pylance.
  2. Verify additional paths under “python.analysis.extraPaths” to assist Pylance in locating dependencies.
  3. Identify and address any conflicting extensions or workspace-specific settings affecting syntax highlighting.
    1. How do I access my settings.json file in VSCode? To access settings.json, navigate to File > Preferences > Settings (or press Ctrl + ,).

    2. Can I disable other language servers while using Pylane? Yes, you can disable other language servers like Jedi by explicitly setting “python.languageServer”: “Pylane”.

    3. Why is syntax highlighting important for coding? Syntax highlighting aids developers in visually distinguishing code elements for better readability and understanding.

    4. How does Pycodestyle relate to syntax highlighting issues? Syntax highlighting problems may also be linked to linting tools like pycodestyle; ensuring proper linting configurations can help resolve such issues.

    5. Is restarting VSCode necessary after changing settings? In most cases, changes made to settings.json take effect immediately without requiring a restart; however, occasional restarts may be needed for certain changes.

    6. What should I do if adding extra paths doesn’t resolve the issue? If including additional paths doesn’t fix python language support problems in a specific folder, consider reinstalling both Python extension and Visual Studio Code.

    7. How do I diagnose conflicting extensions with PyLANCE? Temporarily disable extensions one-by-one until identifying which one causes conflicts with PyLANCE when opening files from that particular directory/folder.

    8. Can PyLANCE conflict with virtual environments set up within project folders? PyLANCE might face challenges detecting libraries installed within virtual environments created inside project folders; activate those environments separately before opening them.


In conclusion, resolving issues where VSCode’s Pylane isn’t functioning properly requires us to tweak our configurations effectively. Understanding how different components interact helps us efficiently pinpoint underlying causes of problems. For further assistance and detailed guidance, visit PythonHelpDesk.com.

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