How to Undo Operations in Xlwings

What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to undo operations using xlwings in Python. You will explore the process of programmatically implementing an undo functionality within Excel files.

Introduction to the Problem and Solution

Working with Excel files in Python using xlwings often requires the ability to reverse or undo certain operations. The need for undo functionality arises when mistakes are made or when specific changes need to be reverted programmatically. By leveraging the xlwings API functions, users can easily implement an undo feature that mimics the familiar ‘Undo’ action in Excel. This tutorial provides insights into how you can achieve this efficiently.


import xlwings as xw

# Connect to the current active Excel instance
app =

# Get a reference to the active sheet
sheet =

# Perform an operation (e.g., delete rows)

# Undo the operation programmatically

# Copyright PHD



In the provided code snippet: – Import the xlwings module as xw. – Connect to the active Excel application and obtain a reference to the active sheet. – Simulate deleting rows on the active sheet. – Utilize ExecuteExcel4Macro method multiple times with appropriate arguments to reset toolbars, effectively undoing the previous action.

    How do I install xlwings?

    To install xlwings, use pip by running pip install xlwings in your command line or terminal.

    Can I undo multiple actions?

    Yes, chain multiple ExecuteExcel4Macro calls sequentially within your script for each action you wish to undo.

    Will this work for all versions of Excel?

    The method shown should work across various versions of Microsoft Excel supported by xlwings.

    Is it possible to redo an undone operation?

    No direct redo functionality is provided by default in xlwnigs; custom logic is required for redo operations.

    How efficient is programmatically “undo” compared to manual “undo”?

    Programmatic “undo” using xlwnigs is equivalent in efficiency as manual “undo,” leveraging native Excel functionalities under-the-hood.


    Mastering how to perform undo operations programmatically with xlwnigs elevates automation capabilities when handling Excel files through Python scripts. Understanding these functions empowers users to efficiently manage data manipulations while retaining flexibility during development stages.

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