What will you learn?

In this tutorial, you will explore the implementation of the factory pattern using lambda functions in Python. By combining the concepts of the factory pattern and lambda functions, you will learn how to create objects dynamically without specifying their exact class beforehand. Introduction to Problem and Solution Imagine a scenario where you need to create … Read more

Python Proxy Class Implementation with Type Hints

What will you learn? In this tutorial, we will delve into creating a Python proxy class using type hints. By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to develop a proxy class that enhances code readability and maintainability through type hints. Introduction to the Problem and Solution When working with Python, … Read more

How to Template a Registry Class using `__new__` as a Factory in Python

What will you learn? This guide will walk you through creating a registry class in Python that leverages the __new__ method as a factory. You will grasp the concept of templating a class for seamless instantiation and usage, enhancing your understanding of dynamic object creation. Introduction to the Problem and Solution In Python, managing instances … Read more

Choosing Between a Single Container for Similar Methods or Multiple Classes with the Same Base Class

What will you learn? In this guide, you will delve into the decision-making process of whether to consolidate similar methods in a single container or utilize multiple classes inheriting from a common base class. By exploring the benefits and considerations of each approach, you will gain insights into effectively organizing your codebase. Introduction to Problem … Read more